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The Mystery of Horus by N8 Quality Magic

(c. 2021)
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This is a highly upgraded version of Tony Lackner’s Princess Qianlong created by the multi-talented Ottavio Belli and his N8 Quality Magic.  Ottavio’s work is breathtaking to be sure – I have two of his other items which I will add soon.  I’m adding this before the others because I wanted to relate the amazing customer service I have received from both Ottavio and the USA dealer I purchased this through: Joe Long …

Having purchased two other items from Ottavio (also through Joe) I had high expectations of this beauty.  I was very familiar with the original Lackner item and in fact really like it, though clearly it is not in the same league as The Mystery of Horus but I like the story and the simplicity of the method.  When Horus arrived I was keen to try out the electronics.  When I first tried it, the method did not work 100% of the time.  I assumed I was doing something wrong and promptly contacted the long suffering, but vital to contemporary magic collectors like myself, Joe Long.  Joe got back to me with a video of the unit working perfectly before he shipped it and I shared with him my video, which was less than perfect – clearly something bad had happened in shipping … ๐Ÿ™

Joe contacted Ottavio  who was very upset that the item was not working, but he quickly went on to not only fix the issue, but to redesign it to basically remove the chance of it happening again.  I just received the final version and it not only works perfectly it also looks even better.  I must stress that I believe I had the only unit that had issues, everyone else was very happy with theirs, but Ottavio  still went ahead and addressed my issues.  It was one of those freak occurrences that produced an even better result.  If you look at the last two photos you’ll see the difference in the two platforms – a simple change that makes all the difference ๐Ÿ™‚

So onto the magic ๐Ÿ™‚  This unit not only looks stunning, but it works perfectly.  Although it is electronic in operation, it uses readily available batteries that can be easily found and that are easy to replace.  Also, Ottavio has included some features that make it very easy to turn off the whole system to save battery life, without having to constantly remove batteries between performances – which is necessary so often with electronic magic. 

So bottom line:

  • Looks amazing and very unique;
  • Can detect at a glance where the Horus has been placed (even yards away from the base);
  • There are no visible switches or mechanisms for the spectator to find – everything looks clean and above board.
  • Uses readily available and easily changed batteries;
  • Has secret switch mechanism that significantly extends the battery life;
  • Amazing Customer Service;
  • What else could you ask for?

Effect: Three pillars with different colored gems are shown on a triangular base with a statue of Horus in the center.  A mummy is shown to watch over the whole scene.  When the performer turns his back the spectator is asked to place the Horus under any of the pillars and to cover it up so that the performer has no clue where the Horus is.  The performer then turns around and hands a single envelope to the spectator.

Inside the envelope is the color of the gemstone where Horus has been placed.  There is no force and you do not need to touch or even get close to the props.

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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