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The Mystery of Tutankhamun (1 of 6) by Thomas Pohle

(c. 2020)
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The fourth item in Thomas’ Egyptian Series is a very perplexing penetration with exotic looking props.  When I watched the video and received the item I could not figure out how this bad boy worked until I watched Thomas’ explanation video. The penetration is very clean and has a quick reset too – this will fool most people not in the know.  Even if you think you know how it works you are unlikely to be fully able to explain how it is actually accomplished.

This is one of the cleanest and surprising penetrations I have seen in a while.  A very nice job Thomas 🙂

Effect: A plaque with Tutankhamun’s head is shown to slide all the way through a small rectangular tube which is shown to be empty before you begin.  The plaque is then placed in the center of the tube and two Ankhs are placed either side, trapping the plaque inside.  To complete the lock down a cover is placed over the plaque.  Now there is nowhere for the plaque to go, it is clearly locked inside the tube

The magician makes the magical gesture and incants the ancient words of Tutankhamun and the plaque is seen to fall from the bottom penetrating the Ankh and when the cover is removed plaque is gone and yet the Ankhs are still clearly in place blocking any possibility of motion – how did the plaque penetrate the Ankh?

That is the Mystery of Tutankhamun 🙂

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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