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The Riddle of The Sphinx by N8 Quality Magic

(c. 2020)
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Oh boy what an stunning beauty from Italy this item is!  It is a complete re-imagining of Magiro’s highly sought after Babuska by Ottavio Belli’s N8 Quality Magic.

Although the basic method is all Magiro the look and quality of the props, and the improved mechanism are all Ottavio.  This prop is a huge upgrade on the original and looks simply breathtaking.  Some times when Magiro’s items are redone, they loose some of their magic, but not so with this beauty.  This is just the right amount of ostentation and improvements to fully perfect Magiro’s masterpiece and if Magiro were still with us I’m confident he would be very pleased with this release.

This will certainly look perfect in your mini-magic collection and if you put in the practice to make it as smooth as Ottavio’s demo you will have an effect that will continue to wow them for years to come.

Effect: A beautifully crafted set that allows for a stunning routine.

You show a beautiful “stage” on all sides and tell that in ancient Egypt, about 2500 years before Christ, treasures were kept in various places, including in the pyramids where the deceased Pharaohs were “buried”. However, people were always looking for these treasures, with the intention of making a fortune for themselves.

If people never returned from their treasure hunt, something would have happened to them, and they would usually have been picked up by the pyramids’ guards. You offer to tell the audience what would happen to these thiefs;

You show a wooden doll representing the man who was caught attempting to enter a pyramid, you place him on the “stage” and place a tube with holes (a cage) over it so that he cannot escape. To withdraw the person from the outside world, a chest was built around the whole (you place a second solid tube over this first tube) and a lid was placed on top of the whole so that the person was completely locked inside. However, there was a sphinx that could transmit a curse to these thieves and it was always called in to solve these kinds of problems. But that was immediately a definitive solution. You now take a nice sphinx statue and place it with the face towards the captured thief. After the curse was pronounced, the lid was removed from the chest and the outer tube was removed, the thief was no longer visible through the holes. You lift the tube and the thief is gone forever and will never be able to steal treasures again. The doll is really nowhere to be found. You can show everything on all sides if you want!

You will receive this truly beautiful, completely handmade set complete with everything you need. The ingenious mechanism takes almost all of the work off your hands so that you can focus on the story (the above is just one possible variant).

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions, Online Instructions.)

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