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The Slate of Fate by Owen Magic Supreme, Ed Massey

(c. 1967)
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This wonderful utility item expertly crafted by Owen Magic Supreme is based on Ed Massey’s Duplex Slate.  It was written up by Les Smith in “Linking Ring Vol 47 Issue 1”, Jan 1967, p. 81.  The Slate of Fate comes with a three way prediction routine that really gets the most out of this beautiful item.

Points to remember:

  • Slates is cleanly shown on both sides
  • Nothing is added or taken away from the slate
  • Slate maybe handled freely by the audience
  • No chemicals used
  • No sleight of hand

This is the first one of these I have seen and it has quickly become my favorite slate for close-up situations.

Effect: In this effect you get three predictions on one miniature slate. As an example: Magician takes a deck of cards, shuffles them, then asks the spectator to cut the deck anywhere and remove the next three cards.

A miniature school slate is introduced, passed over the first card, whereupon the name of the card is found written on the slate. The slate is cleaned and placed in a small empty cloth bag. After slate is in the bag, spectator chooses a second card. The bag is waved over the card, the slate is removed, and there again is the name of the second card. The magician then says, “Now if you had chosen instead the third card, it would have made no difference. It’s a case of fate”, and passing the slate over the remaining card, turns it over with no false moves or fumbling, and there appears the third card’s name.

A possible patter line centers around the fact that fate has predetermined what will happen. That no matter how hard we try to circumvent it, the patterns of the future are already established. We have a choice of three cards, and the one chosen turns out to be predictable. “Since magicians are sometimes accused of making the spectator select a certain item, we will use a second one, again your choice.” The bag is introduced with the comment that “the future to a normal man looks blank, empty and even dark  but the magician sees more than the ordinary mortal”, and shows the second prediction. Now to remove the most lingering doubts the third card is used and the magician then says, “Now if you had chosen instead the third card, it would have made no difference. It’s a case of fate”

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