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The Telegraph Chest by Magic Wagon, John M. Talbot

(c. 1972,2020)
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(Notice: this does NOT include the card box shown in the video, but it does include the 4 Houdini stamps shown and any card box could be used if desired.)

This is Magic Wagon’s miniaturized version of  World’s Greatest Prediction Chest by Arturo, Roydon, Bob Mason and a wonderful job they have done too!

John M. Talbot wrote the instructions for Magic Wagon, and that is always a good thing because John will often taken an idea and flip it on its head to create a whole new approach which is better than the original ideas for the unit.  In this case John describes four main ideas:

  1. Formal Future Show/Event – this is the primary routine that was created for the original Prediction Chest and The Telegraph Chest works perfectly in this mode.  I personally feel that the original bigger chest in the plastic display box is more suited to this type of presentation but that is just personal preference, you can certainly use The Telegraph Chest for this.  In fact if you picked up a plastic chest (from Amazon for example) you could quickly reproduce almost the same set-up.
  2. Formal Same Day Show/Event – this is a similar routine to 1. but I think it is more suited to the size of the box.
  3. Casual Home Performance – this would be perfect for any large family meal or get together
  4. Non-Prediction Presentation featuring Houdini – this is my personal favorite because it views this prediction chest as something quite different and John has created a routine that involves Harry Houdini with multiple magical moments happening and an engaging story line.  This is why Magic Wagon ask John to get involved because he has devised a use for the box that you would not normally consider and you’ll love it 🙂

For those that like clever props, you’ll love this, and if you want to really amaze them you’ll love this, and if you like tinkering and combining different props together you’ll love this too.  Something for everyone and John M. Talbot has done plenty to help you along the way.

Effect: Prior to the effect being performed, a beautiful wooden chest is padlocked and handed to the person in charge of the venue. He also agrees to display it prominently until the day of show with a small sign stating, “This Chest Contains A Prediction of the Future.” On the evening of the show, the person in charge is given the key to open the chest. Inside he finds a folded piece of paper. Another spectator then reads the headlines of the day’s newspaper out loud. The person in charge now reads out the written prediction. They are the same, not word for word, but there can’t be any doubt that the performer has indeed predicted the future! It is an unbelievable effect.

This type of prediction chest basically contains a prediction of a forthcoming newspaper headline, even though the chest has been under guard for over a week or longer. The effect has been inspired by Mason/Arturo – The World’s Greatest Prediction Chest and was also intended for the classic headline prediction; however, it could also be used for the more trendy current “Dream Date,” or “Dream Car” themes. The instructions have been written by Mr. John Talbot and outline extra routines which can be performed with the “The Telegraph Chest.” The mysteries that can be created with this system are limited only by one’s imagination!

The Telegraph Chest measures approximately 10cms wide, 8.8cms high and 8cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish and slightly tarnished brass hardware has also been fitted for an age look. It also comes complete with a wooden key box that measures approximately 8.5cms wide, 5.5cms high and 6cms deep and includes a padlock and keys.

This version of prediction chest has an exceedingly clever injection method for prediction billet and as a result, each unit was assembled from over 50 wooden parts and taking over 40 hours of work to make.

The original Mason/Arturo chests have sold in the past for over $2,000.

Our special thanks to Mr. John M. Talbot for the effect name recommendation and for writing the instructions and routine ideas.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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