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The Turntable Stand (Turn Table Stand) by Thayer Quality Magic

(c. 1913)
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The Turntable Stand first appeared in Thayer’s Magical Woodcraft Catalog c. 1913.  Depending on application it could be used for formal close-up, parlor and stage.  This was originally released as just the turntable itself and I devised the routine you see in the video after reading the instructions.

The video shows an easy to do effect and involves the following items:

  • The Turntable Stand
  • Vintage Enardoe’s Mirror Glass (actually made from plastic, but looks great) (bonus).
  • A Gimmicked heavy quality silk handkerchief to vanish a coin (bonus).
  • About 200 0.8″ Chinese coin tokens (bonus).
  • A single half dollar sized Chinese coin (bonus).
  • A stiff red paper tube with red paper-clips (bonus).
  • Use your own wand.

This is a beautiful looking stand that works perfectly for this miracle and others requiring a silent and secret half turn of a pedestal 🙂

Effect: A long felt want of the magician filled at last with this exclusive and unique piece of apparatus.

You begin by showing an attractive wooden pedestal with a glass in the center and from the glass an attractive silk handkerchief is protruding.  The hank is removed and inside is found a half dollar sized Chinese coin (the rest of the glass is clearly empty).  The coin is placed under the hank and the spectator is asked to hold on tight through the cloth – they can clearly feel the coin within.

The empty glass is now covered by a paper tube that is also clearly empty and with a magical gesture the hank is flicked and shaken in the air and the coin has disappeared.

The tube is lifted but the glass is still empty.  So the magician pulls out a magic wand and waves over the tube and lifts the tube and the glass is now filled with Chinese coins which the magician proceeds to empty from the glass onto the pedestal and they fill the pedestal and over flow onto the tabletop for a satisfying end to this mystery 🙂

As another example of the many uses of the stand, we suggest the following:

The performer places a glass tumbler on the stand as illustrated. A red silk handkerchief is then placed in the tumbler, which is then covered with a cardboard cylinder, formed in plain view of spectators. A blue handkerchief is taken between the hands and caused to vanish. Upon lifting the cylinder the blue handkerchief is found in the glass, the red having mysteriously vanished.

This valuable assistant will be found useful in many ways, in connection with tricks where it is the desire that the article make a half turn,

The stand is neat in design, hand turned, elevated from the table by feet decorated in gold and finished in ebonized black. Will not get out of order, is sure, quick and noiseless and well made.

Dimensions: the base is 8″ diameter at the bottom with a usable 3.75″ platform area, and a height of about 2″.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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