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The Vanishing Alarm Clock by Petrie-Lewis

(c. 1904,1932)
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The Vanishing Alarm Clock has been built by many manufacturers over the years but the original ones were invented by Willmann and Conradi  c. 1904.  Versions by Thayer, Brema, Abbott’s, and others have been created through the years.  Probably the company that popularized the effect the most in the USA  was Petrie-Lewis c. 1932 and their version is shown here.  It is a beautiful version that works very smoothly.

This is a a wonderful effect that looks as amazing today as it did 70+ years ago. Even in the extreme conditions of a Speed Demo where everything if focused on the props it looks pretty convincing, so imagine how good it would look in your parlor or stage act or as a show piece in your collection  🙂


  • Everything you see in the video ready to work right away
  • Six pages of instructions and ads pulled from various sources

Effect: The Vanishing Alarm Clock is really a first class effect and it is  equally effective for Parlor or Stage work.   An unprepared Alarm Clock, after having been placed on the Nickel Plated Tray, is freely shown and covered with a handkerchief. Thus covered, the clock is removed from the tray and hung by its ring, on the hook of a beautiful Nickel Stand.

Now the operator places his hand on the handkerchief and sets off the alarm mechanism of the clock. While the clock is still ringing, the performer jerks the handkerchief from stand, instantly the ringing stops and it is seen that the clock has mysteriously vanished.

This is very effective and self contained, and is very easily performed by anyone without the aid of an assistant.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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