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The Wacky Wabbit (White) by Wolf’s Magic

(c. 2022)
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It is always a joy to add a new item from the wacky magic master himself: Chance Wolf at Wolf’s Magic. This is Chance’s take on the wonderful Owen’s Rabbit Rising Cards.  As cute as the original Owen’s was, there is no doubt Chance’s new version is even cuter and more adorable.

The method and set-up is very simple, and works perfectly.  As with all of Chance’s creation it is solidly made and with some basic care will last for years of performances.  Chance tries to scare you in the set-up video (don’t do this, don’t do that, and for heaven’s sake don’t press it here!), but I think once you have set this up once or twice you’ll be able to do it in your sleep 🙂

Chance also includes a great routine that will work well with children of all ages.  If I was performing children’s shows today this is precisely the sort of prop and routine I would look for.  Great job Chance.

Effect: The rabbit is introduced and the basic effect is as follows:

  • Three cards are chosen and placed into the rabbit’s hands.
  • Two choices rise correctly
  • The third card that rises is wrong, this happens twice
  • For the big finale the final choice appears between the ears of the rabbit.

We’ve given another WACKY SPIN to a classic magic trick! We’ve created ALL NEW GRAPHICS and mechanical design making it HOP off the stage! Quicker set-up and operation! Created to hold larger 3″ x 5 ” flash cards making it much MORE VISIBLE and FUN for the kids!

This Wabbit Wabbit stands 22″ tall in performance BUT packs small as the ears collapse making it 13.5″ for storage! As with all our Wolf’s Magic’s products, this effect is built from the highest quality materials and is built to last!

Routine: How many of you kids have owned or seen a rabbit? And what do rabbits like more than anything else? (Kids scream CARROTS!) YES! Carrots! It has been known that carrots are great for your eyesight. Clearly this must be true! Have you ever seen a rabbit wear glasses? (Pause for groaning laughter)

Magicians have been making rabbits disappear and appear for centuries. Well today is special as my little friend here, who I call the Wacky Wabbit, will be THE MAGICIAN PERFORMING the MAGIC himself with ME as the assistant! He has the ability to READ KIDS MINDS!! You want me to prove it to you? OK! In this envelope is a prediction that the Wacky Wabbit wrote before show time. I want you all to yell out a COLOR!! (Kids scream all kinds of colors! Open envelope showing the RAINBOW CARD)

SEE! He knew exactly what you were all thinking!! (Kids groan!) You need more convincing?! OK. I have some flash cards here with all the letters of the alphabet and all kinds of silly cartoon animals and stuff.  I want a few of you to help me select THREE DIFFERENT CARDS.

Now we will place them into the Wacky Wabbit’s hands, as you can see, he’s is snacking on his carrot right now. Let’s remove the carrot…. (pretend to struggle removing the carrot as if the Wabbit is resisting and use your best Elmer Fudd impression…) OK you silly Wabbit! Give me the carrwot and I promise you will get an extra carrot after the show! (Remove carrot)

The Wacky Wabbit actually uses his carrots as MAGIC WANDS and today one lucky child will get to assist the Wacky Wabbit! Just wave the wand over the Wabbit when we all say the magic word… RABBICADABRA! (Hand the carrot to the child and Wacky Wabbit remains resting on table)

OK Wacky, show the kids your MAGIC!! Kids! Yell out the magic word….RABBICADABRA!!! (Nothing happens) Come on now….HOP TO IT!! (Nothing still happens) Hmmm…give him a little sniff of the carrot…that sometimes motivates him. Kids! Yell out the magic word….RABBICADABRA!

(Child waves carrot under his nose. First chosen card rises)
What a HARE RAISING feat of MAGIC!!

(Repeat the process for the second card rise)
OK Wacky! That’s two out of three!

You have only one card left! Kids! Yell out the magic word….RABBICADABRA!!!
(The WRONG CARD rises up.)
Wacky! That is so unlike you! You must get this right or I may have to send you back to your old job at the IHOP restaurant!

OK, let’s try this again! Kids! Yell out the magic word….RABBICADABRA!!!
(The WRONG CARD rises up.)

Maybe he would do a bit better if we played some music! Kids…what is a rabbits favorite type of music?? HIP-HOP of course!!

Wait…(put your head to the Wabbit’s head as if listening) What? You have been hiding it?! (Frantically search around the Wabbit trying to discover where the card is) Now listen Wacky! I’m going to count the three! And if you don’t show us the card…NO MORE CARROTS for you!!

(His ears part and their card is seen between his ears)
I am so glad this trick turned out to have a HOPPY ENDING!!

Give him a hand … or a carrot!!!

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