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The Wandering Mummy by Magic Wagon

(c. 2017)
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What can I say about this beauty?  One of my all time favorite effects in magic is The Wandering Mummy and although Eddy Taytelbaum’s version is the most desirable I have owned many others.

Magic Wagon’s version is perhaps one of the cleanest version I have seen and works perfectly. What is unique about this version is that the two sarcophaguses nest together. This is a nice touch as you don’t need an extra box to carry the mummy’s in.

Magic Wagon have also taken care of all sounds that often accompany this effect and the routine can easily be performed without a hitch.  Quite amazingly I could not find one video demo of this item on YouTube,  which for such a popular and easy to perform effect is pretty surprising.

(Click here for more history about The Wandering Mummy)

Here is my revised patter for Magic Wagon’s version of the Wandering Mummy:

In the 1950’s there were four explorers who ventured into the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh. They went deeper than any previous expedition and discovered an undisturbed sarcophagus. One of the explorers studied the outer markings and the other three studied the Mummy within. They removed the Mummy and looked for any markings or messages. But they found nothing.

Suddenly the first explorer rushed over. He was as white as a ghost and shouted: “This is terrible! The markings read: If ever I am disturbed the curse of death will fall upon you!”

Naturally, all four explorers were freaked out by this news and they carefully replaced the Mummy back into the sarcophagus. They left the tomb as undisturbed as possible. They made their way back to their main camp and told the other explorers what had happened. Their colleagues needed evidence and visited the ancient tomb themselves. They found the sarcophagus, and lifted the lid, but there was no sign of the Mummy anywhere. So, none of their colleagues believed the tale and even the four explorers were having doubts now.

However, over the next 12 months three of the four explorers all met with sudden and fatal accidents. The only remaining explorer knew he had to break the curse, otherwise he would be next. So, he returned to the tomb looking for evidence of the Mummy. The explorer was hoping to find the Mummy but when he lifted the lid the tomb was still empty.

The explorer almost gave up until he noticed there was a message embedded on at the entrance of the tomb. He was able to decipher it and smiled when he read the words: “Have no fear, Mummy’s here!” He lifted the lid again and now inside was the Mummy returned. He placed the mummy into the sarcophagus and replaced everything as before.

The final explorer was able to break the curse and lived happily for another fifty years, but he never disturbed Mummy’s ever again.

Effect: The Mummy effect has always held a special place in the hearts of many magicians and magic collectors. The effect, in keeping with the story, involves the “grave robbers” who broke into a 1,700-year-old tomb for the Pharaoh’s treasures and stole the mummy and its sarcophagus from inside the Egyptian casket. On getting back to their museum, they open the sarcophagus only to find the mummy has vanished! And, because of the curse of the mummy, when the Egyptian casket which was previously shown empty is opened, the mummy has mysteriously reappeared inside where it rightfully belongs!

It’s been over a year in the making since Mr. Andy Martin suggested the idea in January 2016. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first and the only version of the Mummy effect where both sarcophaguses can be nested together!

The entire outfit is extremely detailed with genuine Egyptian motif. Even the Mummy himself looks realistic and it is, in a word, a masterpiece of magic apparatus.

The larger casket measures approximately 9cms wide x 8cms high x 18cms deep and the smaller one measures 5.5cms wide x 4cms high x 10cms deep. Each set has been painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by our own exclusive artist.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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