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The Wandering Mummy by Spanish Craftsman, Unknown

(c. 1990)
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As most visitors to this site well know, like many Magic Collectors I have a great affection towards the Wandering Mummy effect.  So you can imagine my excitement when I recently found this set built by an unidentified Spanish Craftsman c. 1990.  I don’t have any other details about who the craftsman was so if you do please contact me.

This set of mummies works very smoothly and does not employ the “floating” feature that the early mummies such as those from Inzani-Henley, Eddy Taytelbam, and Alan Warner used.  It is one of the lesser desirable features anyway and most recent mummy sets do not include it either. 

This set does not have the high design quality of Eddy but it is still  a wonderful set of Mummies and works very reliably. It also looks wonderful with the other mummies here.

Effect: Two sarcophagi are shown. One has a mummy inside, the other does not. The story revolves around the way the Egyptians used to guard against ‘grave robbers’ which were prevalent at that time. The mummy is placed into one sarcophagus and the lid closed; When the grave robbers broke into the sarcophagus for the Pharaoh’s treasure which was always buried with him, they found nothing … and left empty-handed. The mummy was of course safe and sound in the other sarcophagus!

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