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Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Nest of Boxes by JM Craft, Tommy Wonder

(c. 1977,1996,2021)
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I’ve seen many types of nest of boxes over the years but this design by Tommy Wonder expertly reproduced by JM Craft is certainly one of the cleverest.  It is surprisingly easy to perform with Tommy’s routine taking care of all of the tricky parts and it works perfectly and looks amazing.

In Tommy’s book and also when Tommy discusses the method in Visions of Wonder with Max Maven, Tommy refers to a special table that he uses for this effect.  There seems to be some confusion if the table is needed to perform this and I can confirm it is not.  It is best if the box cannot be seen at first and is lifted from behind another prop on a standard table, from a shelf in the table, or from behind the bar, etc.  but apart from that any table works.


  • JM Craft Nest of Boxes + Foulard + Carry Case.
  • A good quality Devil’s Hanky to vanish the watch (bonus).
  • Small black velvet bag to protect the watch (bonus).
  • Printed instructions from Books of Wonder Volume 2 (bonus).
  • Use a borrowed watch.

Effect: Tommy Wonder is one of the most influential magicians in the 20th century. It’s our honor to re-release the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder.

We would like to pay tribute to the master! Tommy Wonder’s works are undoubtedly a great treasure in the magic world. The more we delve into them, the more we can discover the ingenuity of his works. Every detail of his works is essential, and every setting is indispensable. It is the details and settings that make his routines almost perfect. Out of our deep reverence and love for Tommy Wonder, we have reconstructed all the details of Tommy Wonder’s props almost stubbornly. This is probably the closest version you can get compared to the version used by Tommy Wonder himself.

We hope you can feel Tommy Wonder’s spirit and thinking from these details. Finally, we would like to pay tribute to Tommy Wonder again. He will never be forgotten, and his thoughts will continue to influence generations of magicians in the 21st century.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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