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Treasure Box by Mikame Craft

(c. 2001)
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One of my earliest Mikame Craft purchases back in 2001. What I really like about this little production box is the cool routine that Mr. Mikame demonstrates in the video. Instead of showing the box empty then producing something, which is how tip over trunks are normally presented, he switches the whole routine around and gets a better and more magical result using the exact same box:

  • Begin by showing the box filled with brightly colored silks
  • Close the box and snap your fingers
  • Open it up and produce the spring flowers (or spring bills would work well too)
  • Show the box clearly empty – the silks have vanished!
  • Now close the box and snap your fingers again.
  • When you open again it is now filled with silks again 🙂

As I see more and more magic and crank out more of my infamous Speed Demos it becomes so clear how simple changes to routines can make the difference between a winner and a dud.  I think this is a great routine and really shines for this little box.

Effect: Each Item is Hand-Crafted by Mr. Mikame Himself and are Coveted by Magicians Worldwide! A Mini Tip-Over Trunk illusion with a large production capacity in Mikame tradition.  This can be used as a traditional tip-over trunk or the routine performed by Mr. Mikame in the video:

  • Show Silks
  • Vanish Silks
  • Produce Spring Flowers
  • Reproduce Silks

The original package did not come with any extra items but this package includes:

  • The beautiful Mikame Craft Treasure Box
  • Two Rice Symphony 18″ Silks (Silk King Studios) – $25 each retail
  • 12 Spring flowers of the right thickness to work with the box

Dimension Approximately 7″ x 4″ x 5″(17cm x 10cm x 12cm)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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