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Triception (Silver Morgans) by Mark Mason, Bob Swadling

(c. 2013)
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Effect: The underground rumors are true. We do have a brand new flipper coin that has nothing to break, no springs, nothing to glue and no rubber band. This is called the next generation flipper, it is a part of the Triception set.

With this ingenious coin set you can effortlessly make coins appear and vanish at your fingertips. Master coin craftsman Bob Swadling, along with Mark Mason, have fine tuned this set over months of development. Bob’s next generation flipper is a brand new concept in coin gaffs. There is nothing to break, nothing to glue, no rubber band, and you will receive a secret ingredient which will allow you to keep your gravity flipper in tip-top condition. Anyone and, we mean ANYONE, can pull this gravity flipper apart and reassemble it in 60 seconds. You will love the design. Triception also includes a Swadling expanded shimmed shell, plus a matching magnetic coin.

As if this is not enough, you also receive Bob’s magnetic pocket coin holder. This holder is designed to hold a gravity flipper and shell all open and in a set position. Reach into your pocket, remove the coins already opened and set for you to go straight into your routine.

The Triception set also includes Bob’s magnetic holdout, for both vanishing and secretly picking up coins. This has been one of Bob’s best kept secrets for over 10 years. The holdout works in any jacket, shirt and even a T shirt.

All this along with the step-by-step DVD. The DVD features Mark Mason’s Triception routine, as well as his just watch routine, plus bonus ideas and handling tips. A special interview chapter includes Mark sitting down with Bob Swadling, who is the inventor of his original flipper coin from 1964. This will be the very first time Bob has sat down and put on record the real history of the flipper coin.


  • 1 Expanded shimmed shell
  • 1 Magnetic next generation flipper (Gravity)
  • 1 Magnetic coin
  • 1 Magnetic holdout
  • 1 Magnetic pocket coin holder
  • 1 Magnetic card
  • 1 Step-by-step instructional DVD. Over two hours of knockout magic.

DVD features:

  • Triception. Mark’s brilliant handling for the production and vanish of three coins. This is a real world knock-out routine.
  • Just Watch. Three coins are taken, one at a time, from the spectator’s hand. Coins one and two vanish into thin air. Coin three arrives under the spectator’s watch.
  • NGF Matrix. Mark uses Bob’s incredible Flipper to perform a killer matrix. You will love it.
  • 4 No More. Bob performs his super-clean, super-easy, production of 4 coins. You will rub your eyes as they vanish.
  • Flipper History. Mark sits down with the legend himself, Bob Swadling. Bob is the creator of some of the world’s leading magic effects. He invented the Flipper coin back in 1964. Listen and learn the real history of this incredible gaff.
  • NGF Maintenance. This is a chapter all about the next generation flipper.
  • 4 No More Bonus. A never before seen coin routine.

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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