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Tricky Box by Alan Warner

(c. 1972)
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This is one of Alan’s earliest creations from his painted mini-magic period.  It is similar in look to Dice-A-Matic which was produced shortly afterwards.  Like Dice-A-Matic it is a simple method but with Alan’s routine you get the most out of it.  I can just imagine the look of wonder of the child helper when she hears the invisible man scratching away inside the box 🙂

Because it is a general purpose box it can be used for any kind of note or can be used to force a card or business card or billet.  A great little item that I’ve only recently managed to track down.

Effect: Several blank cards are seen resting on top of a lovely painted box. The cards are passed among the spectators (in this routine they are children) for examination … THEY ARE ALL CLEARLY BLANK. As the cards are being gathered by one of the children, the box is shaken and something is heard rattling inside. The performer says if anyone is wondering what is making the noise inside the box and offers to show them. The lid is opened and inside is found a colored pencil which is removed. The box is shown EMPTY.

The cards are squared up and dropped inside the box. The pencil is then dropped on top of the cards and the box is then closed. You tell the children there is an ‘invisible man’ who lives inside the box and would anyone like to hear him write a message for the children. Suddenly a scratching sound is heard as if coming from inside the box. The lid is then opened, the top card removed. A message is read and shown to the children. The message which appears can be Birthday Greeting, Merry Christmas, or whatever wording the performer wishes.


Use the box to force a particular card. This can be used with a book test to force a certain word. The box measures 4″ x 2 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ and finished in black with a blue gloss lacquered lid.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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