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UNOrthodox By Antonio Martinez

(c. 2020)
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Out of stock


Thi is a nicely printed deck of cards and an interesting take on the invisible deck.  Nothing too new or groundbreaking but I can see how some people might find it a change from the standard invisible deck.

Effect: Antonio Martinez has taken one of the worlds strongest effects and made it even Stronger.
The Ultra Mental deck is used by almost every magician and mentalist around the world but imagine how powerful it would be to prove that only is their card the only card face-down in the deck but it’s actually the only card in the deck!

UNOrthodox is a sure-fire winner and perfect for close-up or Parlour and will even work on stage!

UNOrthodox is a custom manufacture deck which is colourful, interesting and relatable.

May be performed with either a comedy presentation or a serious mentalism approach.

You will absolutely love UNOrthodox and so will your audience.

  • Easy To Do
  • No Sleight Of Hand
  • Instant Reset
  • Full Online Video Training
  • Custom Designed Deck On High Quality Playing Card Stock
  • No Mathematics
  • No Counting

(Notice: Includes: Online Instructions.)

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