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Visible Coins in Glass by Abbott’s, Jack Hughes

(c. 1937,1945,1947)
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Jack Hughes, the legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer who invented many staples in magic that we take for granted today (including: TV Card Frame (1936), Attaboy (early 1930s), Clatter Box (1951) and many more. He also invented the first visible coins to glass c. 1937, way before Copenetro, even though when Bob Kline introduced his version of Coins in Glass called Copenetro (with the same method) almost 10 years later in 1947, he claimed he had invented it and that Jack Hughes was the pirate.  I think history speaks for itself here and there is little doubt these days that Jack Hughes was the originator of the Visible Coins to Glass effect that many people attribute to Bob Kline. You can read more here.

I used to perform a later version by Jack Hughes  all the time as a teenager and into my 20’s – it was always easy to set, reliable in operation, and a great crowd pleaser.  But this version built by Abbott’s to Jack Hughes’ specifications and under license is the best one I have tried. The reset is simpler than any version of Coins To Glass I have owned and the accuracy is as good as it gets.  Sometimes a coin might miss the inner glass but most fall squarely inside the inner shot glass.

It has a better action than any Copenetro I have tried too.  It is also very small which is really useful when you actually want to amaze your audience 🙂


  • Special Base.
  • Small and Large Glasses.
  • Special Coin stand to vanish the coins.
  • 8 half dollars.
  • Cute Bunny Silk.
  • Useful Device to easily set the coins.

Effect: Four half-dollars are taken from a coin rack-Vanished, and are heard to appear one at a time in a small glass resting on a base with a larger glass inverted over the small one. The glasses are covered with a silk making it a double penetration. After the third coin is heard to appear in the inner glass, the silk is removed, and the last coin VISIBLY appears within the small glass.

  • Can be done entirely surrounded.
  • No sleight-of-hand necessary.
  • You’ll feature this in your show.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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