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Wandering Royalty (Wandering Lovers) by Dante, Hank Moorehouse

(c. 2000)
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There have been a number of versions of this effect over the years. The cards are similar to the set created by Vienna Magic, but not the same. These have sealed front and a locking feature which allows the cards to be handled after the transformation.

Effect: A King and Queen are displayed and visibly placed in separate velvet bags. Hand the bags to your spectators and when the bags are opened, the cards have switched places! Brilliantly colored, jumbo cards are examinable.

“I need the assistance of a man and a woman. (One stands on each side of magician.) I’d like to show you the Wandering Royalty. (Show the queen and king, holding one in each hand, so they do not lock. Then set both cards back down.) Also, two bags, one red and one black the match the colors of the cards. (Keep the black bag in you hand, set the red bag down. Show again the black king, then with the face of the card toward you, place it into the bag and release the slide so the card will now lock as a queen.) Watch as I place the black king in the black bag. (Give this to the man to hold.) I’ll now do the same thing with the red queen and red bag. (Repeat putting the red queen in the red bag, letting the card slide and lock and become a king.) Just to further prove that the red queen is in the red bag held by the lady, I’m tying a red silk around her wrist. And I will do the same with the black silk, tying it around the wrist of the gentleman holding the black king in the black bag.”

“Now, it is time to wander. (Walk with the lady a few paces away from the man.) I’m going to remove the red silk and wander back to the man. (Now walk with the man a few more paces away.) I’m going to exchange the silks. (Untie the black silk and then tie the red silk on the man’s wrist.) I’m going to wander back over here and tie the black silk around the wrist of the lady. Now, just as we all wandered and the silks wandered, so have the cards. The red queen should now be in the black bag, but will match the red silk on your wrist. The lady with the red bag should now have the black king to match the black silk on her wrist. Will you both please remove the cards from the bags (as they remove the cards from the bags, the man will have the red queen and lady will have the black king.) and show your cards to the audience. Will you both wander back over to me along with the silk, bags and cards and as we all take a bow the audience will give us a big round of applause.”


  • Custom King + Queen, sealed and with locking feature
  • A red and black drawstring bag.
  • Routine by Hank Moorehouse.
  • Use your own silks.

European made, self working.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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