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Watch Out by Mazda Magic, Glen Gloye

(c. 1947)
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This clever effect was invented by Glen Gloye whilst still a student at Elmhurst College and expertly crafted and marketed by Mazda Magic.  It has shades of Joe Berg’s No-Fake Card Frame but uses a very different method.

I particularly like to show the cabinet fully empty at first as it makes for a more convincing appearance later on. You can vanish  the watch using sleight of hand, a devil’s Hank or other approaches.  I added a small drawer box (which you can see in the video and I do include in this lot) to keep everything 100% mechanical and clean.

Effect: A beautiful cabinet is shown all around. The doors are opened to reveal a watch hanging inside. The watch is removed, doors closed. The watcn vanishes at the tinge; tips but when the doors are again opened the watch is hanging inside and may be removed and shown. Clean cut and audience tested. Cabinet is of the finest workmanship and finished in Chinese red and black enamels.

An amazing and practical trick, yet easy to do. You will be proud to own this truly fine piece of quality apparatus.

Routine: Legend has it that some years ago a Chinese ruler called Ah Foo was given a watch by one of his European friends. As there were no pockets in his robe, Ah Foo decided to have a special cabinet made for the watch. To further insure the safety of the watch, he had the Court Magician put an enchantment on it.

One night a thief crept into the throne room and took the watch from the cabinet. The thief escaped from the castle but as he was crossing the castle grounds a guard saw him. He at once realized he would have to get rid of the watch, so he threw it over the high castle wall.

Strange as it seems the watch did not land on the other side of the wall but because of the enchantment placed upon it, the watch found it’s way safely back into the cabinet.

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