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Weston’s Ways With Cards by Mark Weston

(c. 1994)
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Out of stock


Effect: Do yourself a favor and pick up Weston’s Ways with Cards. Not only will you get 37 worker routines, but you’ll also find a dozen moves, controls and sleights. Everything a card worker could want. But act now. Few copies remain, so get yours now!


  • Foreword
  • About Face
  • Seven Up
  • Ace Cutter Mark II
  • Under My Foot
  • Move To Show Both Sides Of A Card Blank
  • Fancy Deal Stop Trick
  • The Stop Trick
  • The Spinners
  • No Palm Foursome
  • Double Cross
  • Transpositions
  • Ace Cutter
  • Another Triumph
  • Magic Aces
  • Double Kicker
  • Club Night Interlude
  • Guarantee F.B.I. Card
  • Splitz
  • Multiple Card Shift
  • Flash
  • The Supreme Glimpse
  • The Last Card
  • More Incredible
  • Spectator Unexplained (After Vernon)
  • The M.W. Vanishing Deck
  • Hello Strangers
  • The Blue Deck Routine
  • Impromptu Cards Across
  • Card Up The Sleeve (After D’amico)
  • Second Sight
  • Sign Of The Cross
  • Two Faced Forces
  • Spectator Cuts The Aces
  • Force Yourself
  • In The Soup
  • Cards Through The Table
  • Spectator Match
  • Jumbo Flam
  • Moves And Sleights – Step-By-Step
    • The Double Undercut
    • The Double Undercut
    • The Reverse Double Cut
    • Hindu Shuffle Control
    • Injog Shuffle Control
    • The Riffle Count
    • Double Lift
    • Middle Double Lift
    • Right Hand Top Card Palm
    • Palming Of Several Cards In The Right Hand
    • The Glide
    • The Side Glide
    • The Half Pass

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