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What Happens In Vegas by Liam Montier

(c. 2020)
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This is a great effect that has some sucker fun and a great final double revelation.  The cards are made very well and look very authentic and the custom poker chip is a nice classy touch too.

Effect: What Happen Is Vegas is a self working masterpiece by Liam Montier and Alakazam Magic. Combining beautiful props, and a killer routine.

Never before has this type of effect been this fooling! What Happens In Vegas is a brand new take on our classic and best selling effect Dual Match.  

A beautiful deck of Vegas Casino Souvenir cards are shown. Each back represents a different casino (the deck is colour and eye catching).

Comes complete with Custom Deck

High Quality Custom Poker Chip

Full Video Tutorial

What Happens In Vegas is perfect to perform one on one, to a couple or ten over video call.

You will absolutely love performing this great effect!
What Happens In Vegas is a super easy, ultra baffling double predictions effect.
A deck of Vegas Casino playing cards are shown. Each card has a different back design representing a different casino and a different face.
Your spectator is invited to stop you at any point as you start dealing the cards into a pile onto the table (they have a free choice of where to stop).Lets say they stop you on Ballys) You now flip the deck over and start dealing a face-up pile on to the table (let say your spectator now stops you on the 7 of spades)
You now reveal your prediction, a beautiful poker chip but the casino is wrong? You turn over the chip and show it has a card printed on the other side but once again it doesn’t match?
Well so far this hasn’t gone to well, But then you remember! You turn over the Ballys card and WHAM! The card on the face matches the chip! Now comes hit number two. You turn over their playing card to reveal the casino on the back and DOUBLE WHAMMY the casino on the back matches your chip!
What Happens In Vegas is so easy to do and comes with all the beautiful custom props and full online tutorial.
You will love performing this great effect!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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