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Wonder Dice (Wonder Die) by Vienna Magic

(c. 1987)
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From Vienna Magic comes this beautiful miniature illusion.  Self working and mechanical and works like a charm.  The standard ad copy and the instructions describe a situation where the die appears and then vanishes – but the only way that is possible is if you switch out the appearing die for the vanishing die mid-stream.  If you don’t have the die appearance then this is basically a version of Norman’s Block Vanish with a silk vanish and appearance for good measure.

Both sets I’ve had of this effect (including this one) only come with one die not two – the instructions describe two dice but I am not convinced that is correct, even if you read through the instructions I’m not sure you actually ever get two dice.  Based on the props you get, you can construct an appearing die or a vanishing die but not both at the same time.   The effect looks much better if you start with the die that you can show complete on all six sides, then go into the vanish.  This requires no switching and looks perfect.

I believe the best way to perform this effect is to start with the die in plain sight and then proceed to vanish a silk, then vanish the die and finally have the silk reappear.  If  you use a convincing vanish of the silk (which is not including as standard but is included in this lot such as Viking’s Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube) you can perform a real miracle right in front of their eyes.


  • The Pedestal.
  • The Cover.
  • Vanishing Dice with six sides that can be shown complete at the beginning.
  • Two Cages.
  • Two Silks (bonus).
  • Viking’s Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube which is the perfect complement to this effect ($65 bonus).

Effect: The magician shows a little pedestal, an empty cover, and small 2″ die that can be shown cleanly on all six sides and a magic cage with special cut-out sections and no bottom.  The performer now places the die on the pedestal and covers it with the magic cage.  The die can be clearly seen through the holes and then the cover is placed over the cage and die.

A silk is now introduced and vanished using your favorite method (I recommend and include Viking’s Wonder Silk Vanishing Tube).

A snap of the fingers and the cover is lifted and the die has vanished and in its place inside the cage with holes is the silk that was vanished. The silk is pulled through the holes and there is nothing inside – no clues as to where the die vanished.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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