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Wonder Wand (Wunder-Stab) by Klingl

(c. 1948)
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A beautiful mini version of the Pom-Pom Prayer Stick made by the famed Klingl using a different method to the standard approach. Instead of allowing two double length cords on both sides at once, they can only be half lengths, but there is also no set-up required after you open and close the two ends.  There is nothing to connect or go wrong either, if you are familiar with the standard method you will understand what I mean.

Another feature of this wand is that if you desire after showing the multiple connections and then opening the wand, you can hand it to the spectator, and they can screw it back together and it will no longer work.  This will really fool those who think they know how the wand is gimmicked.

Klingl or Zauber-Klingl was an Austrian Magic manufacturer and dealer founded by Rudiga Michael Klingl c. 1869 and they continued until the 1980’s. Their creations are high quality and are keenly sought by collectors today.

Effect: A miniature 9″ wand is shown with a cord running through each end with a red bead on the top and a white bead on the bottom.  As you pull various combinations of the red and white beads the cord always moves up and down, no matter which side is pulled up or down!

It appears that there are many connections inside the wand.  But when the wand is opened there are no cords and nothing to see.

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